Jubilee Project

Transfer of Innovation Program
Life Long Learning
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Project number
01 October 2013 – 30 September 2015
The Jubilee project aims at enhancing energy efficiency for existing and new buildings in compliance with the European directives.
The European partnerships tries to provide new skills for a new job and creates the Energy Efficiency Coordinator (the EEC).
The EEC coordinates and controls the following energetic aspects of the building throughout the entire process and with all the parties involved:
-Legislative framework (EPB, national law, …);
-Technical possibilities of the building (protected building, renovation versus new construction, …);
-Financial optimum for the owner


  1. LE CNAM (France) – Applicant and Coordinating instititution
  2. XABEC (Spain)
  3. CFI – Centre des Formations Industrielles (France)
  4. TRADIUM (Denmark)
  5. RADIUS COLLEGE (The Netherlands)
  6. TEC (Denmark)
  7. SYNTRA WEST (Belgium)



Initial vision

Jubilee pesentation

Definition of the Jubilee Guy

Research Report

Newsletter 1: Valencia

Newsletter 2: Paris

Newsletter 3: Copenhagen

Newsletter 4: Paris

Pilot test final

Booklet Compilé

Final Report of Professional Framework

External Evaluation

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