School Management – Palma de Mallorca

“I don’t want a teacher who can win a noble price in Mathematics. I want a teacher who can teach Mathematics to my students.”

On May 15th, 2013, the first conference for school managers was organized. Located in beautiful Palma the Mallorca, participants from different schools (all InnMain partners) came together to discuss the best practices of several topics: the development of Human Resources, ICT in Education – Adapting the Change, Control at Markiezaat College.

Attendants to the meeting:
Denmark – TEC
Spain – Xabec
The Netherlands – Markiezaat College
The Netherlands – Maintenance Education Consortium
Turkey – Ismit
Turkey – Meram

Development of Human Resources

Antonio Mir (Spain) explained the 360 degree evaluation system, in relation to Xabec and its best practices. The organisation has to be adapted to integrate the 360 degree evaluation system. The Dual System will be implemented soon and the evaluation system will be adapted to these changes. The evaluation is done by all staff, teachers and management plus a selection of 10 students (who tend to be very honest). The strong thing about the 360 degree evaluation is the honesty behind it.

 ICT in Education – Adapting the Change
Andries Boer (Netherlands) gave a elaborate presentation about the rapid changes ICT is making and the trends that are coming along with it; adaptation to changes has to happen more rapidly, the same day even. Students that learn in online activities leave a clear trail of data, this can improve continual improvement of learning outcomes. This data can be used to manage the learning outcomes more efficiently. Therefore, the role of a teacher is changing. Students are learning a lot; not only in schools.
He discusses the benefits of innovation in ICT, but also the downfall of changes in ICT. How do you adapt changes in your school in the best way? The early adapters should be enabled to make the right changes and are the best people to convince teachers who are reluctant to the use of ICT.

Control at Markiezaat College
Wim Appels (Netherlands) presented an insight about the procedures at the Control department at Markiezaat College. The aim of this workshop is to find out what decisions Markiezaat has to make in order to be in control. It is a very open system for budgeting, which is established every year by the management. The whole staff is involved and therefore aware of the financial situation of the school.
The personnel system and the student system is discussed elaborately. The systems differ very much from for example the Spanish system.
The implementation of the Dual System in Spain at this economic crisis is very bad. Antonio askes the principles to make a very clear statement about this during the meeting tomorrow, where the ministries of education of Spain can hear about the experiences of The Netherlands and Germany.