InnMain Secretariat Program



What is this program about?

This program is offered to students of InnMain organizations. InnMain is a European network of educational organizations that promotes student and teacher mobility, and promotes innovation in Professional Training. Your school belongs to this organization. You can find a complete description of the organization by visiting the website

Basically this program consists of making a stay having experience in the InnMain secretariat. The duration of the stay is around a month long. Students from different institutions and countries will carry out by turns this work throughout the academic year. You will be part of an international team.

Why is it a worthwhile program?

If you are interested in having an international secretarial experience, this is undoubtedly the best option. You will be in contact with institutions from around twenty European countries, with their different mentalities and ways of acting.

You will communicate with them in English so it is a good opportunity to practice this language.

Where is the InnMain secretariat?

The office is located in Valencia (Spain), at the Xabec School. The city is beautiful and the climate is extraordinary, both in summer and winter, as well as in spring and autumn. The city has one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, and a very good sports and cultural environment. Not to mention the food … Here you will taste the famous “Paella” and the “Spanish Tapas”.

You will work in the international office, together with other people. The human climate is extraordinary: you will feel very good and you will enjoy your stay.

What tasks am I going to do?

It will depend on the time of year in which you come. Here are the most common tasks:

  1. Email
    • Daily check-up and resolve the issues that come up
  2. Website
    • Update the information in the main page
    • Update the information about the last and the next Annual Conference
    • Update information about Projects when several InnMain partners are involved
    • Boost the International Technical Departments Meetings
    • Update Information from the partners, including gallery pictures & videos
    • Update NOTICEBOARD and the CALENDAR sections
    • .. If you are an ICT student, you can improve the technology and visibility of the website
  3. YouTube
    • Ask partners for videos & upload InnMain videos
    • If you have skills in editing and producing videos we can do many things!
  4. Instagram, Facebook
    • Ask for Information to all partners and update both social networks
  5. PPT Presentation
    • Improve the official presentation & uptade the information
  6. InnMain Wiki
    • Collecting materials from the partners
    • Do actions to boost the InnMain Technical Departments
  7. InnMain Annual Conference
    • Preparation of the activities and materials necessary for the meeting
    • Help the organizer in the tasks that are needed.
  8. Professional Excellence Days
    • Preparation of the activities and materials necessary for the meeting
    • Help the organizer in the tasks that are needed.
  9. The InnMain Brochure
    • Adapt the brochure to the current situation of the organization (partners, International Technical Departments, etc.)
  10. The InnMain Bulletin
    • After the Annual Conference or special events

Who are the contact persons?

The person in charge of the International Office is Gregorio Blanco: he will be the person responsible for organizing your stay in Valencia, and for solving all the questions that may arise. His email is and his mobile phone (with WhatsApp) is +34 607 664 409.

The person who will coordinate your work is the Principal of the school (and President of the InnMain Network), Antonio Mir. His mobile phone (with WhatsApp) is +34 637 801 795 and his email is .


Cheer up! Participate in the InnMain secretarial program.