Human Factors and Social skills

VI Professional Excellence Days 2019 – Dudley

V Professional Excellence Days 2018 – Mallorca

IV Professional Excellence Days 2017 – The Netherlands

III Professional Excellence Days 2016 – Spain

The third annual congress “Professional Exellence Days” took place this year in Valencia. It has been a great success with participation of 7 institutions from 6 countries of Europe. We enjoyed a fantastic combination between professional and cultural aspects: work sessions, lectures, visits to companies, cineforum; participation in local festivals, etc.

All students and teachers were delighted with the Congress and recommend it to their colleagues in the coming years.

II Professional Excellence Days 2015 – Denmark

I Professional Excellence Days 2014 – Germany

Professional Excellence Days 2014+

It could not have been better the first edition of the conference with students and teachers “Professional exellence Days”.In the beautiful surroundings of the German city of Cologne, the professional level reached by lectures and presentations has been a great success. Teachers and students from Xabec (Spain), Markiezzat College (Netherlands) and TEC (Denmark) have left a very high standard for future editions.The sessions have been collated with visits to the city and a funny football game.For next year, we hope new schools participating in this European experience. It has proved to be extremely positive both for students and teachers.





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