InnMain is a network of educational institutions, companies, chambers of commerce and associations of entrepreneurs in the field of Maintenance and Building Installations, working together to foster innovation in education in Europe.

Our objective is to improve the quality of teachers and trainers involved in education and the quality of the educative programs.

About us

InnMain videos – ToI one2one

First meeting: Savo Vocational School (Finlad) Second meeting: University of Pitesti (Romania) Third meeting: Escola Profissional ValDoRio (Portugal) Fourth meeting: Birmingham (United Kingdom) Fift meeting: Konya (Turkey) Presentation and resume of the Project

InnMain videos – ToI ToP-MoSt

First meeting: Dudley College Second meeting: Izmit Vocational and Technical School Third meeting: Assoziacione Leppido Rocco Fourth meeting:Markiezaat College Fift meeting: Handwerkskammer Koblenz Final video of the Project ToP-MoSt