Partners and friends

There are some information about our partners :




Offers a unique initial and ongoing training offering tailored

to the needs of industrial companies today and tommorow.

Its ambition for its students and partners is based on a strong educational comitment

and its will to anticipate changes in its markets.




Confindustria is a representation system, services and assistance alongside the company in every occasion.  
The Association offers opportunities, knowledge, support and savings for every company activity, based on the specific needs expressed by companies that, today more than ever, find themselves having to face the uncertainties and challenges generated by the change.





Dudley College of Technology has played a pivotal role in

the provision of vocational and technical education in Dudley borough and the wider Black Country for over 150 years.

Our mission: outstanding technical and professional learning, 
which raises aspirations, develops skills and changes lives.





Val do Rio Vocational School offers courses in the technological and social areas, aimed at students who are looking for quality practical education, have completed their 9th grade and are under 20 years old.





The Chamber of Crafts Koblenz is a modern competence center in the matter of professional qualification.

Experienced instructors teach in modern vocational training centers. In Koblenz these are: Center for Nutrition and Health, Metal and Technology Center with welding institute and laser center, competence center for design, production and communication, construction center with center for plastics and paint.





The Higher Technical School of Medical Technology educates you as a medical technician or medical technician .





The ITCG Attilio Deffenu represents one of the fixed points of the universe of education of our city. In fact, in the complex dynamics that have seen Olbia grow from the fifties to the present, the institution and development of the institute are included, from the thirty-one graduates of the school year 1957/58 to the several hundred of the early nineties. 

From 2014-15 the training offer of ‘ ITCG Attilio Deffenuit has expanded thanks to the activation for the Transport and Logistics address of the “Construction of the vehicle” articulation with the option “Aeronautical constructions” and the articulation Conduction of the vehicle with the option “Conduction of the aerial vehicle”. In addition, other new guidelines are activated: 
“Information Technology and Telecommunications” with the two sections “IT” and “Telecommunications”.
“Chemistry, materials and biotechnology” with the “Health Biotechnology” division and Transport and Logistics (formerly Nautico).




K.A.B.A. Slovakia is a non-profit-making association of legal entities. It has been active in the field of adult guidance and training since 1997 for various target groups. years of experience with individual and group career counselingSwiss know how transformed into Slovak conditions creation of own methodology and methodical materials, application of advanced teaching methods quality domestic and foreign lecturers. Accredited courses and tailor-made courses according to the requirements and needs of clients since 1999 Member of the Association of Adult Education Institutions






From the second general and technological or professional up to preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles, the NEWTON high school offers a range of training adapted to the tastes and abilities of each student or student. This one allows to carry out a complete course of technological or professional studies, but also to prepare for higher studies thanks to our general scientific, literary or economic and social sectors. 






The purpose of the OAED is to implement the government’s employment and unemployment policy, to strengthen and facilitate the integration of the country’s labor force into the labor market, to provide unemployment insurance, to promote vocational education and training and to link it. with the employment, intellectual and social development of the workforce and its families, the provision of housing protection benefits and assistance in its collective organization and action, to improve their standard of living.






•Main headquarters located in Kuopio, Finland, campuses also e.g. in Varkaus and Iisalmi

•It groups 11 Vocational Training Centres (e.g. machining, forestry and  an upper secondary school in Varkaus). We increase the skills of young people and adults, meet the skills needs of the region’s working life and develop the region’s working life. We promote employment, entrepreneurship and a good life. The vision has been achieved when the Municipal Association is among the top 10% of large and multidisciplinary education providers in the performance criteria and has been awarded a national quality award.








Our mission is to provide representation, operational coordination at the national level as well as subsidiary services to our associates. SCF operates by providing assistance – wherever useful and necessary – towards the effective accomplishment of training initiatives autonomously programmed and managed by each associate, in particular by supporting and promoting a virtuous context that is conducive to long-term growth, and by facilitating the sharing and replication of experiences which have lead to original as well as effective responses to professional and social needs.







At TEC, we support students’ technological and vocational education with teaching that makes students aware of the values, norms, quality requirements and culture associated with the individual occupations and higher education. We train proud craftsmen and competent students.

TEC has approx. 4500 year students, over 700 employees and schools at 7 addresses in Greater Copenhagen. We have more than 30 vocational programs, a large selection of courses and continuing education and a technical high school divided into three departments. 

We work closely with companies, industries and higher education, nationally and internationally.







The University of Pitesti assumes the mission of education and research, by realizing the modern university’s trinom: education – research – community services, as follows:

Professional development at the university and postgraduate level and in the concept of lifelong learning, for the purpose of personal development, insertion of graduates into the labor market, satisfaction of the socio-economic environment’s competence and adaptability to permanent changes.

Generating and transferring knowledge through fundamental and applicative scientific research, development, innovation and technology transfer, individual and collective creation, relevant and meaningful at regional, national and international level.

Promoting and developing partnerships at local, regional and national level in order to involve the University in solving community problems and increasing visibility and prestige.






XABEC is an educational institution of social initiative located in the city of Valencia (Spain), where technical lessons related to industrial maintenance and building facilities are taught. XABEC was born with a vocation to serve the entire society. It responds to a modern conception of vocational training, a “school for life” in constant adaptation to the requirements of the business world. Our main objective is to ensure that all students get a good job at the end of their studies.


Our activities focus on vocational education and (continuing) training for workers as well as educational and occupational schemes for unemployed persons and workers threatened with unemployment. Our objective is to promote the personal and occupational development of the persons enrolled in our courses, by providing high-quality education and training at a reasonable cost. The courses are targeted at the actual demands of the labour market and also provide orientation in a world of change.

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